Monday, November 1, 2010

No candy November

I am on my way to a fairly remote YWAM base for leadership meetings (NLF). There is no store anywhere close and one of my co-workers is worried about his candy supply for the rest of the week. I, on the other hand, have decided that November will be a month of less sugar. Since October was the month to party, November will have to be of a more sober character. Therefore, I pledge to not buy candy or sugar for the next 30 days. Good luck to me.

Back to the traveling part, which can be quite fun. To start with, the free coffee on the flight definitely cheered us up, and I think our check-in was the most delightful in my whole traveling career! This is what my friend and travel companion would call a "summer spot".

Thank you Widerøe!

A bus ride and a stop at a coffee shop later we were heading towards the pier. When we came to the dock, we found out that our boat had problems, and our departure was cancelled! I like things to be planned and then go as planned, and this time I didnt even have a back-up, so for a few minutes we were just standing there with no clue of what to do next. Luckily we had a senior YWAMer amongst us who had heard there was a boat leaving two hours later. Thats two hours with nothing to do! But still better then not getting there at all... Then we heard that the crew was test driving the boat before departure, so we asked if we could join for a small cruise, which they agreed to. 

What was supposed to be a half hour boat ride turned into a great 2,5 hour NLF prelude before arriving in Lensvik and finally at our destination. After a good start and a long day I look forward to some sleep and then seeing this place in daylight!

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  1. Yeah, that was a good trip Ragnhild!!Roomate for some dais:=)Didnt really say goodbye...Sad, but still I will see you again soon!! Your a great travelcompanion!!


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