Thursday, November 18, 2010

A day in the cubicle

So, I am part of planning a release party for "This is the truth" by Surround. Of course, I have never done it before and there are lots of things to learn along the way. One of the assignments I got was to make an online store for the record on our webpage. Next week my lovely web consultant Helina is coming to visit, and I had planned for her to have a short web course for me and a few others, specifically on feedback forms, but apparently, that was too late. This had to be done now, and I was the woman on the job.

What to do? Ask the all knowing Charlie! In the depths of his brain I found some html codes and managed to put together a page that seemed to be working fine. But today I realized it wasn't anyways. For a very intense lunch hour I tried to figure it out (mind you, this was not something there was room for in my schedule today) and was very relieved when I finally managed to make this amazing page.
Oh, YWAM life, and all the things I get to learn...

Check out the page if you want to buy the record, or put it on your Christmas wish list - and I might give it to you ;) Even better: Come to the release concert tomorrow. It will be at the base in Skien at 10 PM, and you would wish you were there!


  1. Wow Ragnhild, eg e imponerte! :)

  2. Takk takk ;) Men coveret kan ikkje ej ta mykje ære for.
    Savna dej Rannva!


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