Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Garness sisters.
Their music is fun and brings me joy. Last year I got their Holiday album as a Christmas gift, and I cant wait to listen to it again. Just a few more days now!

A couple of days ago I saw that some friends in Ålesund were attending one of their Christmas concerts, and I thought to myself: "Ah... I wish I was there!" So I proceeded to their concert page, and lo and behold... They are coming to Skien! So the 7th of December I will enjoy their music for a whole concert, not just a couple of songs in between men´s choirs at a church event.

It looks like December will be a good month.

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  1. Ej fann dinne cd'n på kontoret å må innrømme at ej allerede he hørt på den sjøl om det verken e advent eller desember enda...


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