Monday, October 25, 2010

Of a pumpkin party

The past week was a crazy one, and in between YWAM family dinner, smallgroup, work and a seminar on marriage it contained my very special pumpkin carving party.

The menu read mmmmuffins, specifically pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese frosting from the Pioneer Woman. But that was not enough, there was also a pear crisp, the best chocolate cake in the world, spiced apple cider, coffee, ice cream and after some time; roasted pumpkin seeds.

It is a smart thing to make a wish list, cause you might get some of it! In addition I got so many more nice things: gifts cards to be used strictly for myself, perfume, home made mittens, cake, this book with recipes for food to give away:

Den er på nynorsk! Kan det bli betre?

And a jazzercise set with Judi Sheppard Missett:
Good luck to me... After all the cake this will be very good for me.

But first we did the exercise of carving a pumpkin or three:

Lovely ladies and lovely pumpkins
Me and Jack

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday memorable this year!!


  1. SÅ kjekt at det var ei kjekk feiring! Eg har var altså på Sunnmøre i helga, og eg trur eg skal helse frå Langevågen. Det var ei veldig kjekk helg. Men du? Kva ynskjer du deg til jul? Ha ei god veke! Mariklem

  2. Til jul... vel, det e vel fortsatt en del ting på den ønskelista ej ikkje he fått enda. Og så ønska ej mej et lite hus ;)


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