Sunday, October 24, 2010

What language do you speak?

I wish this carpet and picture were in my possession
 (like my so-cheap-its-ridiculous shoes from Primark).
Unfortunately, they belong to Morgedal hotel, and I couldnt bring them home with me. 

I spent the weekend at a hotel. 
Yes, I said hotel, just wait for the rest of the story...

Together with seven other adults from church and YWAM I worked as an activity leader at at camp for foster families. We ate like champions from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert buffet, slept well, enjoyed 90s hits like Macarena and Mambo nr. 5 with a Polish twist and played hard with all the kids for a couple of days.
 Not too bad of a weekend! 

Today, in the swimming pool locker room one of the girls asked me: 
"Do you speak Swedish or Danish?" 
I told her I spoke Norwegian, and ten 8-11 year olds went dead silent. 
I guess my accent was pretty foreign to them, but I really didnt think it was THAT hard to understand me. 

What do you think?

(PS. Details on my pumpkin party coming soon!)

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