Monday, October 11, 2010

A wish list

Here are some things I would be overjoyed to receive. And since my birthday is coming up... a girl can wish, right?
My wishes, in no particular order:

- Polaroid film for my 660 Autofocus
- Good coffee  (but can one ever get enough?)
- SLR camera
- Someone that can fix my bikes (or at least one of them)
- "Orthodoxy" by G.K.Chesterton
- Home made wool socks, like the ones my grandma would knit
- External hard drive
- A knife sharpener, a kitchen essential. I cant believe I dont have one already. I have one!
- A letter in the mail (and I even got more than one!)
- A warm cable knit cardigan like this one from Etsy:

- The "French Chef with Julia Child" DVD
- A pretty vintage dress
- A little premature, but still... for next year: the new Norwegian Bible translation that will be released on, can you guess? Yes, my birthday!

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