Friday, September 17, 2010

YWAM history

Today I found some real gems in the YWAM archives. Perhaps you know that YWAM is 50 years this year, and we are celebrating! Next week we will meet for the Northern European celebration at the Rastenes in Sweden. Looking at these pictures makes me wish I was there for the beginning, but my parents were just born and it would take a long time before I came around. As a matter of fact, my parents are both turning 50 this year as well, so in October I will go to Bergen to celebrate them. Thats a whole other story though. Here is a glimpse of what YWAM looked like back in the days:

Door to door evangelism never looked better. (Bahamas, 1960s)

All our bags are always packed, ready to go... 

But sometimes it just takes a while to get there...  Anyone ever been in car trouble?

These were all taken from the 1960-1978 YWAM history folder, but there are loads of other good ones as well in the whole  YWAM history archive. Enjoy!

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