Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sew, sister, sew. Part 2

Another crafty day, but it started with nice weather, so I was outside for some time. I began reading "Journey to Portugal" by José Saramago. He actually died only two weeks ago, 87 years old, and was recognized as one of Portugal's best selling modern writers. This one is about his journeys through his own country. Perhaps a little like the last one I wrote about, "Travels with Charley". I love travel literature. It makes me want to go places, but at the same time it feels a little like I've already been there, so it makes it a very cheap trip (especially when the books were found at the library).

Then the weather changed. I actually like the rain, cause then it's okay to be inside and be crafty instead. And this is what I came up with today:

A floral tank top, bow necklace and bow head piece.


A small coin purse. 

It took me for ever to put the zipper in. I hadn't done it in quite a while, and forgot that I should put the zipper in first. Oh well, now I remember. My youngest sister joined me for a project of her own. We planned on making a wallet, then decided that would be to too complicated and opted for a card holder instead. In the process it looked like it would become a coin purse, but in the end it became a card holder after all. No pictures of that one though. She did a great job though.

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