Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garage sale

The sisters have a grand project.

After all this sowing, combined with moving plans for Mari (middle sister), we came up with the brilliant idea of a garage sale. And not just any garage sale, a very cute and cozy one. So we have searched the attic, under the stairs, in closets, boxes and drawers and found lots of cute, funny and interesting objects that we really don´t need anymore. Now we hope that someone else will love them and take them home.

Alas, a few items were even rejected from the garage sale, like this one:
Would you like to see your pretty face in this apocalyptic creation? 
Yes, it is handmade, but not everything handmade is cute.

These, on the other hand... I dare say are pretty little things:

What can I say, we are pretty much the cool kids in this hood.

Cute cool kids.

Welcome to our garage sale!
Monday July 12th, 17.00-20.00
Bjørndalsstølen 29 

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