Monday, June 28, 2010

Travels with Charley

I read John Steinbeck for the first time today. In 1960 he ventured on a quest to find the answer to the question "What are Americans like today?" with his dog Charley, and his custom built truck Rocinante, and it reminded me of this:

Fields of opportunity in Iowa

                                           California is not too bad either

Lewis & Clark                Telemark, Colorado

Minnesota welcomes you

                        South Dakotan coffee                         Michigan         

Thank you Oklahoma, for great nails

Water tower

Sioux Center: As close to locals we got

Settlers in the wild wild western Kansas

Where would we be without Henry Ford and a car for every American?

Marching bands, and so much more....

You can ask me the same questions I guess: "What are Americans like today?"
 And my response will be quite general: I like America, and the ones I've met on the road. 
And the book was good too. 

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  1. great post. i'll enjoy the wild west for you. :) nyte sommeren!


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