Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Cure #Bonus The Loft

I agree with other people doing the January Cure that an office day/task could definitely be beneficial. We have a loft room above the bedroom that houses a guest bed, desk, storage and all my craft supplies. During the cure I have been constantly adding things to this area whose fate was yet to be determined. This room is one that definitely needs som TLC, but I keep putting it off, since it isnt an official task on the cure! 

I knew the bedroom task this weekend would be easy, so I added the loft as extra work foro this and the next weekend. By Saturday night I still hadn't touched it, and had to tell Mik very firmly that I would work on it for 1 hour on Sunday. Here are some wonderful before-pictures. I did not stage this at all, and you can just guess what is hiding behind that curtain and under the bed. Thats right, lots of stuff. The wire basket organizer is new. We bought one for hats/scarves and shoes for the hallway closet, and one for this room, hoping it will help keeping things more organized. 

I worked for just about an hour, in which I decided to keep all our luggage, made use of the wire baskets, threw away some stuff and added another bag to the outbox. It is already looking a lot better, but I would really like to go through my craft supplies (paper, fabric, ribbon etc) and clean up inside of those vintage suitcases and boxes hanging out under the bed. There are piles of cards as well that I can't bear to part with, but I am thinking I could at least store them away from things I actually use. The hope is to make it more inviting and easier to work on projects here, as well as using the desk when I study. I only did it a couple of times last year, but with most of my material online, I think it is alright with this small desk.

Tomorrow's task is a media fast, so no blogging until Tuesday. This Cure really has me blogging again! I've almost blogged more in January than all of 2015 combined... 

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