Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Cure #11 Bedroom

Another weekend project, this time around the bedroom was due for a deep-clean. The bedroom is the most organized room in our house, so this was an easy task. During the first floor task I cleaned the bedroom floor, baseboards and bed really well, so that was already done. And it is ice cold outside, so the window has to wait.

When it comes to the closet, we have it under control. We have limited space, so I try to donate using the one item in - one item out rule. It works, sometimes. I still challenged myself to get rid of one item per drawer this weekend, and was able to do that for every category but pants, which is fine.

It is sunny and snowy outside, like a real January winter should. That means it is also slightly chilly inside, but with clean sheets and the world looking crisp and white outside, I am alright. 

Sheets: Marius, Blanket: Røros Tweed, Patterned pillow: Peru, Striped pillows: Homemade

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