Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nyblin Art Exhibition

If you are in or around Skien the next month I have an art recommendation for you. Telemark Kunstsenter has a photography exhibition with works by R. Nyblin, one of three photographer brothers from Skien. The pictures are mainly from Skien and the region taken between 1898 and 1938.

It was great to see the old photos from my own neighborhood, some things have changed a lot, others look exactly the same. Details from a hardware store and large shoe factory was very fascinating, and there were portraits of both rich families and blue collar workers in their overalls. Some of the pictures were so good I would love to have them on display in my home, and if you have 2500 kr to spare, you can buy any one of them for yourself. I hope I have convinced you to go, both Mike and I loved it!

Where: Gamle Norske Bank, Liegata 8, Skien
Opening hours 12-16.00 Tuesday-Sunday

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