Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Before and After: Bedroom for two

A bedroom for two is quite different from a bedroom for one. You need at least a bigger bed, a larger closet, and one more spot where the glasses can rest at night. The only thing we had when Mike moved in was a big enough bed. Everything else was thrown together, using what I already had. 

Here is a look at the before: 

The bedroom was messy, lacking functional nightstands and wardrobe. We had no pictures on the walls, and the room was generally a little sad and messy. 

Enter the new and much tidier bedroom. A DIY closet was the solution for our lack of storage for clothes. The curtains and curtain rods are from Kid Interiør. The curtains hide the same dressers we already had, but now they are out of sight! 

These pretty pictures titled "Heart Connection" are made by our friend Hanne Aarthun.

More pictures have been hung: A collection of greeting cards, flea market finds and a picture of a ferris wheel from Etsy. 

We love our new "nightstands". For a small room like ours, it is perfect to hang shelves instead of bedside tables. Since the bed has to touch the wall on two sides, there would only be room for one of those anyways. This way we can both store our glasses and books out of reach at night. The shelves Enudden are from IKEA.

All in all we made very small investments, but managed to make the bedroom a much more inviting and tidy place!

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