Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A 30th Birthday Brunch

 I have just turned 30! Since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, I decided to have a brunch party. I love breakfast food, and this seemed like the perfect occasion for a fancy version. I invited some of my favorite ladies and had such a wonderful time!

Some people make big parties for anniversaries, and if it wasn´t for our recent wedding, I would have loved that too. I have a tendency of putting a lot of planning into an event, so I decided that a small party was best this time. After a little research I found an article on how to host a brunch party and still sleep in on Smitten Kitchen, which was very helpful. It gives recommendations on what to serve, and they are basically all things that can be made in advance. She writes it really well, so you should check it out if you are planning a brunch in the future. Some additional tips from me: set the table the night before, and gather your decor ahead of time (I kept postponing this and had to run outside to find some twigs and branches last minute).

The decor was very simple. I used gourds, pumpkin and citrus fruit for the centerpiece, and twigs with a welcome card on each plate. This was the first time I set a table with our new fine china, and I was very excited! The striped silver napkins match the silver rim of the china, and I also used some leftover paper straws from the wedding.

Brunch menu that can be (mostly) made ahead:
Cranberry orange scones. These were so tasty! Can be made ahead and frozen uncooked, and on the morning of the party you thaw the scones and cook them like you normally would.
Spinach Quiche Cups. Make the egg batch the day before, cook the day of.
Cinnamon toast french toast. Made the day before and left to soak in the fridge overnight. Cook the day of. Serve with syrups.
- Fruit salad with pomegranate, papaya, plums and kiwi. Prep as much as possible the day before, especially something tedious and stain-inducing like pomegranates. Mix the fruit the day of. Served with a raspberry-lime sauce and yogurt.
- Cheese, crackers, dried meats and condiments of your choice
- For dessert: Chocolate cake. I had planned on making this gluten free Chocolate cake with almonds and beetroot, but then surprisingly, a birthday cake was delivered to my door and I will have to save that recipe for another day.
- A mimosa bar with a few different juices, bubbles and fruit garnish.
- And of course: a never ending stream of coffee.

Some of the lovely ladies. Thank you so much for making my birthday great! 

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