Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Wish List

It is almost October, and definitely fall in my neck of the woods. Since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks I have already been asked if there is anything I want. You would think there is nothing left on my wish list after getting married, but rearranging the house and getting a new job has revealed a few little needs/wants for both me and the home. Here are a few pretty things I love right now.

- This amazing nightstand by Augustav would be perfect. But since it is sold out...

- A more realistic wish: 4 Enudden shelves from IKEA to fit our small bedroom

- Yoga Blocks and a Yoga strap would be very helpful

- A pair of shoes that are comfortable for walking

- A classic chambray/denim shirt

- Table settings in our fine china Anmut Platinum

- Sturdier dining room chairs. But I have no idea which ones...

- And pretty flowers. Always. Picture by Jose Villa.

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