Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July: a month of reading

If June was a wedding month, and it most definitely was, July has been a book of relaxing and reading. 

First of all, I got a Kindle.

Secondly, I have read a total of eight novels this month! There was a lot of time for reading on our honeymoon, and after coming back home to Skien we have enjoyed summer on the beach and at home, often with a book in hand. 

My best picks among my July reads would be "The Humans" by Matt Haig, with an interesting view on what it is to be human, and "The ocean at the end of the lane" by Neil Gaiman, a mysterious fantasy story. "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle was a real treat as well, and almost made me believe in dinosaurs! And if you find your time precious, you can skip "Songs of Willow Frost". It was not very exciting as I felt like I always knew what was happening next.

Another recommendation is "Får eg lov?", a portrait of the authors big sister, a lady with Downs Syndrom. The book is only in Norwegian, written by a co-worker in YWAM, and it is a beautiful little book about Ingrid, and the authors relationship to her sister.

There has also been time for non - fiction. I have read some exciting books in the Bible, like Daniel, Ezra and Esther, after finally getting through Ezekiel - that was a hard read! Now I am just a couple of pages away from finishing the Old Testament in my Chronological Bible Reading that started in October. I really look forward to entering the Gospels, but I have cheated a little and read a few letters to break it up in the middle of long books like Jeremiah and Chronicles.

So, now that I´m on a roll, do you have any further reading recommendations? 

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