Sunday, July 27, 2014

Restyle Sunday: Drawstring pouch

"An old shirt with stains that won´t come out, 
gets a new life as a drawstring pouch."

My husband (!) said he wanted a drawstring pouch, and I offered to make him one. I had never done it before, believe it or not, but the construction is really simple. I offered him a few options from my stash of fabric, and he decided on this one from a shirt that got ruined. After making one of these I would like to make a few more. They are perfect for traveling, to keep socks and underwear in one place, or as a shoe bag. This tutorial is for a pouch with lining. If you make it without a lining there will be a lot less work.

1. Cut two rectangles from the back of shirt, one slightly bigger than the other. My measurements were 19,5 cm x 62 cm and 19 cm x 56 cm, but you can scale up or down in any direction depending on what you will use it for.

2. Sew the sides together all the way on your smallest rectangle, but leave 4 cm at the top on the largest one. This is will be the opening for the drawstring.

3. Fold the top of the lining over 1,5 cm and press.
Turn the other pouch so your seams are on the inside, fold the top over 3 cm and press.

4. Flip both of the pouches. With the "wrong side" of the fabric facing each other, put your smallest pouch over the largest. Pin together 1,5 cm from the top, leaving an opening for the drawstring on each side, and sew together.

5. Flip the pouch again, and sew a topstitch along the edge for stability.

6. Thread your strings, tie them together, and you are done!

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