Monday, June 2, 2014

Out with the old - in with the new

Say hello to our new couch! The first piece of furniture Mike and I have bought together, and then wrestled up the stairs, causing a small fight about how to lift and move bulky items...  We found it on Finn (Norwegian Craigslist), and got a great deal for an almost unused quality couch. This is certainly an upgrade from what I have had before. The next step will be to rearrange the living room and turn the couch around, but that will be for another day. 

This pretty one is now sitting on my balcony waiting to be picked up by its new owner. Again: thank you Finn. I got it for free from Skrot Tor many years ago, so I put an ad up to give it away so we didn´t have to haul it off ourselves, and within minutes someone contacted me! The internet can be really great, don´t you think? 

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