Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to use vintage stamps

One of the blogs I have been reading for a while is Oh So Beautiful Paper. You can probably guess what they write about: anything paper, cards and stationary. And it really is beautiful. That is also where I got the idea of using vintage stamps for our wedding invitations. At first I didn´t think it would be possible, since I had only seen American vintage stamps, but after some research I realized that was not the case, and I was very happy. Mike had to tell me to stop buying stamps after a while. Perhaps he was worried I would get addicted....

I have had a couple of these butterfly stamps in my wallet for years, not wanting to use them, just looking at them once in a while. Now I bought a few more, and a couple of people got them on their envelope. 

I bought whole sheets (50 stamps) of the white flower and the church stamps. Most envelopes got two church stamps, one flower and one other random stamp to make it add up to the 10 kr value it needed.

I was a little worried that the mail would get there, but to my knowledge, all the letters arrived, so this is great way to add some extra personality to your correspondence! 


For American stamps, check Etsy shops like Verde Studio or Love the Postage. There are plenty of others, just search for "unused postage". You can also buy unused stamps on eBay.

For Norwegian "postfriske frimerker", I used QXL.no. It is an auction site, so you can get lucky and get a really good deal, spending less on postage than if you bought brand new ones from the post office! It is a lot harder to find cute ones here than on Etsy, so plan to spend some time searching.

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