Saturday, May 17, 2014

17th of May: Constitution Day

The parade, with "Verdenskongen/The King of the World" on the front row.
In Norway we celebrate our Constitution the 17th of May every year. This year it was 200 years since this important document was signed, and there has been much focus on this, with lots of events. For example a live event where a historian lectured about Norway´s history from 1814 till today in 200 minutes - 1 minute for each year!

Posing in our national costumes, one "stakk" and one "bunad".

I celebrated with friends here in Skien, watching the children's parade in the morning, wearing my national costume "Sunnmørsbunad", lots of good food, meeting new people, barbecuing, eating ice cream in the park, and watching fireworks. A lovely day indeed! The only thing I really missed today was singing a song from my region "Å Vestland, Vestland", but luckily I found a version with Sissel Kyrkjebø on youtube...

When I get married I will have to wear black stockings. 

When I came home, tired after a long day, I watched some of the national celebration online, and finally hearing the national anthem brought a tear to my eye. I am very grateful to live in a country with freedom and human rights.

The beautiful Brekkeparken in all its spring glory.
Ja, vi elsker dette landet! 

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