Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding invitations DIY

I love paper. And envelopes. I have a whole suitcase full of decorative paper, cutouts from magazines, scrapbook paper bought on travels and much more. Naturally, when it came to our wedding invitations, I was quite excited to send out pretty mail.

After reading a few wedding/illustrator blogs I had a good idea of what I wanted, and kraft paper was a non-negotiable. It doesn´t hurt that it is recycled, which makes it almost second hand, or what?

I have surprised myself a little with this project. Originally I planned to go to Oslo to score the PERFECT paper for envelope liners, but ended up using something I have had for many years, but found too pretty to use. I calculated and thought I would have enough, but my math didn´t add up right, and I ran out. Luckily the store still had the same paper, probably 9 years later!

Kraft paper, illustration, typography, pretty patterns and vintage stamps. Could my heart be happier?

For the layout I used Indesign, as it is the program I know best. You can recreate something similar in Word, as I did for the sketch, or use Photoshop or whatever you prefer. The fonts are free and found online.

In total, the only really new thing I bought was three sheets of light A4 cardstock and some washi tape. The rest was new/recycled, vintage, or stuff I had at home!

My total spent for around 60 invitations: 650 kr, plus 500 kr for postage.

- Kraft paper and envelopes: Green Earth Supplies
- Envelope liners: Norway Designs in Oslo. You can find the same styles online by searching for florentine paper
- Illustration: Angie Thompson
- Vintage stamps: Auctions at QXL
- Embroidery thread: From my grandma´s sewing kit
- Monogram paper: Norli at Arkaden in Skien
- Washi tape: WeXStore


  1. Mamma såg konvolutten her om dagen og lurte på kven som sendte så fin post : )

  2. Utrolig fine! Takk for inspirasjonen :)

    1. Tusen takk! Lykke til med alle forberedelsane :)


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