Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book of the month: Gone With the Wind

In January a friend of mine challenged me (on Instagram) to join her project of "the book of the month", using the Norwegian hashtag #månedensbok2014. I failed to understand the challenge, but now, on the second round, I am in. Usually I read 2-3 books every month, so in that sense, this won't be a particularly stretching experience, but it is fun to see what other people read. Maybe I will get some good suggestions for the coming months from others.

Currently I am reading "Gone With the Wind". I haven't seen the movie, but might do it after I finish! Since the story is set in Georgia, I am more intrigued now than I would have been a only a year ago. Last summer I saw this red clay that Scarlett O'Hara loves so dearly, and Savannah, Charleston and Augusta are all familiar names to me now. I am halfway through the story and I like it. In some ways she reminds me of Anna Karenina: unconeventional, selfish, and stubborn, and I am curious to see the turn of events in the second half.


  1. be patient with that 2nd book ;)

  2. Maybe we can visit Savannah and Charleston your next visit to Georgia.


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