Thursday, January 2, 2014

More gratitude in 2014

I finished my year of living simply/stop shop (shop stop? stopshop?). In October I wrote an evaluation, and two months later I don´t have much to add to that. It hasn´t been that hard really. My closet is still full of clothes: while packing for my Christmas break I filled a large suitcase with things I thought I would need for the next week. Not only did I bring way too much, you could hardly notice a difference in the closet after packing. That was the moment I decided to continue this project.

Over Christmas, my sister decided to join the project, so I have someone to support, and confide in. The main area for improvement is my gift giving. It might have been easier for me to buy gifts for others this past year, without considering any of the limitations I put on myself. I will start off well this year though, with a knitted scarf for my sister in law´s birthday in a few weeks.

2014: A new year to read books from my shelves, wear all my dresses and be crafty.

New rules for 2014:
- I will by no new clothes, shoes, accessories, books, things, etc from 1st of January 2014 till 1st of July 2014 unless it is directly related to the wedding.
- I can buy yarn/fabric to knit and sew/redesign clothes, and buy used clothes/things. I will try to borrow or buy used/vintage for some of the wedding stuff as well.
- Items that are worn out or broken can be replaced if truly necessary (kitchen appliances, umbrella and other needed things).
- When giving gifts I will consider the rules above, but I will receive any gift given me. (Like the three pairs of rain boots I got for Christmas. Don´t worry, I only kept one.)

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