Friday, December 6, 2013

Living Simply in 2014

It is already December, and when I consider my project it seems silly to stop at the end of the month. Why not continue? I am however considering changing my rules a bit.

One obvious obstacle for no shopping is the wedding. I will try to use local, used or handmade, but that is not possible for everything. I have decided to not be so strict with everything that falls into the wedding category, but my budget automatically limits me in the spending department. This way I have to prioritize and source fun alternatives. Trust me, there are hundreds of wedding things you can buy, like soap bubble bottles shaped like cakes, flip flops that leave "just married" foot prints, and monogrammed anything!

For everything else shopping related, I am considering to only shop used/vintage, which means no new books or stuff at all! I can miss the shopping, and doing a lot of wedding research online can be a temptation for the things I don´t need. This needs a little more thought before I decide, but I will be back with details at the end of the month.

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