Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Summer flashback

I dont know how many times I have mentioned my missing camera cord, so when it finally arrived in the mail this week I was overjoyed, until the moment I realized it was not the right size battery charger... The good news is that the card reader works, so here are some pictures from my summer holiday in the States.

1. Pretty Denver skies

2. A cool door downtown Denver

3. Saint Mary´s Glacier and some ominous skies

4. The view from the glacier, on the same trip...

5. Old American Beauty, Denver

6. Hiking in Tennessee

7. Smoky Mountains


  1. Love it! Fun photos and composition.

  2. Um....these photos (and the sweet tea at "y'all's" wedding) makes me wonder if you are spending your Christmas in the south this year. If so, and if this comment shows you my email address, please feel free to email me! (Or you could click my name and send me a note via the message thing on the right of my blog, and then I would have your email address, if you wanted to talk more!) I have enjoyed looking at your blog have been surprised to see that we have a number of things in common! :) Anyhow, safe travels and god jul!


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