Saturday, June 8, 2013

A great temptation ahead


In a couple of days I am off to America for the summer. And though I am very excited, I believe this will be the greatest test for my stop shop/live simply goals for the year.

I still haven´t bought any new clothes, shoes or accessories for myself in 2013, but it is hard to keep the "one item in, one out" rule for other things... I went to a thrift shop last week, and couldn´t resist some summery yellow glasses. I justified it by thinking I will need more glasses when my new roommate moves in this fall, and consequently didnt get rid of any of the ones I have. During the year I have got rid of various other items, books I have read and other things, so all in all, I am pretty sure I am in balance.

But being in a travel mode, surrounded by cheap shoes, pretty summer dresses and fun stores we dont have in Norway, I dont know how I will manage.

So, when evaluating my closet, I have given myself a couple of exceptions from my regime:
- A new bikini. 
The one I have is several years old, and since I will be in hot weather for 5 weeks, I dont even know if I can manage with just one swimsuit!
- New underwear
I stocked up on socks in December, but not on underwear. I should have.
- A pair of summer shoes (maybe)
I have two pair of canvas shoes, and both have holes in them. In addition, I have a couple of ballerina flats, but with paper thin soles, those are not good for walking. Can I get a new pair then? What do you think?

In addition, I can shop 2nd hand clothes, and other things like books, paper goods and more!

PS. The second picture is self-grown spinach! I am already enjoying the fruit of my gardening labor :)

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