Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stop shop update

Two and a half months into my stop shop project, and it is time for a real update.

It is still easy to not buy new clothes, but I have acquired a few things in other ways: a pair of jeans handed down from my sister, some earrings my mom found in her jewelry box, and a second hand sweater. I ask myself the question: are these gifts or not? And in borderline cases I will still try to practice my "one item in, one out" rule.

The jeans from my sister was easy, I just replaced them with an old washed out out pair in the same color, even from the same store! The sweater is more of a head sore, and I have a hard time choosing which one to part with now. Perhaps this is the bigger struggle for me, actually parting with some of my things. I think I just like them too much sometimes.

There hasn´t been too much time for DIYs and projects yet, but perhaps now that spring is knocking on my door. One of the sewing projects I hope to finish this year is a top in the vintage pattern above. The half finished 70s tunic has been waiting for way too long, and I want to wear it soon. Maybe this spring?

PS. For updates from my Latvia outreach, check YWAM Skiens blog.

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