Monday, November 26, 2012

Childhood reads

I am currently reading Anna Karenina. I bought the book while I was traveling, with a serious case of reading withdrawals... Though I find this novel interesting, it is rather heavy (literally) and the fact that each character seems to have two-three names they go by confuses me. So I was looking for something lighthearted reading as a break from the heavy Russian literature.

As I walked the library without finding anything I came to think of Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors growing up. "Matilda" wasn´t in at the moment, so I picked up "Danny, the Champion of the World". Since it is a children´s book it is a quick read, but I was so taken by the story I could hardly put it down. It will give you adventure, excitement and the story of a special father-son relationship. Slightly fantastical and plain fun, this is book I recommend for children of all ages!

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