Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From the mountain tops

The view from Blåfjell just after a massive downpour. 

Where I come from, we would call them hills... I still like them, and especially the forest that leads to them!

Titoppern in Grenland is an initiative to explore more of the nature in our local area. To complete the challenge, you must hike at least 10 trips in the season, starting in May and ending in October. Britt Solveig and I didnt decide to do this until July, and with her very busy schedule, we realize we are in a tight spot. Nonetheless, we hope to reach our goal, and have really enjoyed the forest, hills, views, lakes and blueberries so far.

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  1. Det er noko heilt spesielt å bo med fjell rundt seg, eg savnar det! Hadde gått glipp av kommentaren din på bloggen: det er ein gut!


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