Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Monkey Bread

I have heard of Monkey Bread for years from American friends, but to us Norwegians it is not a very common treat, and I had never tasted it before. Not until my friend Jae suggested we made it for her birthday. I happily obliged, and thus we started off the analogue week. One major challenge was that we dont have canned dough around here. I thought we could just make a plain sweet bun dough and use that, and as this was planned as a breakfast/brunch treat, we decided to make the dough the night before. I dont know if that was the best decision I have ever made, but leave nothing untried, huh?

But before we started baking, I taught her how to knit. Above you can see the result, impressive for a beginner, right? After making the dough, we continued chatting and knitting (its addicitive!) the night away. I had hoped to wake up to dough that had risen, but I think something went a little wrong. Letting dough rise over night is a genius invention though, that way you can (more) easily bake for lunch/breakfast without the long wait. 

We started dipping and rolling the dough in butter, sugar and cinnamon and proceeded until we had filled the pan to the brim. If this was the reason for unusual long cooking time (including basically taking the whole thing apart and putting it back together - a sticky mess I tell you) or if that was the uncanniedness (Hah! I thought I made up a word, but it actually has a fitting meaning, with slightly different spelling), of the dough, no one will know.

The end result might not look that much like your Mama´s Monkey Bread, and not taste quite the same either, but it was good, and that should certainly count for something.

"What do you do with the leftovers?" I asked innocently, 
after eating as much as I possibly could handle.
"Honestly, Ive never had that problem...", was the answer I got.

Making Monkey Bread for two girls who already had eggs and salad for lunch is obviously not the way to do it, but I continued to enjoy the cake for a couple of days, though it was definitely best right out of the oven. To be repeated? Im not sure. Maybe with a different recipe.


  1. Interesting! It looks good :) hope you are doing fine Ragnhild! Klem

  2. "uncanniedness" perfect! you two are living great lives.


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