Sunday, September 25, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: A welcoming mat

Before: Plain and boring

After: Hei! 

Welcome in :) 

Spray paint is fun, but a little hard to manage, so this project is not really perfect.
But it makes me smile, and I hope that all those who enter my door will do it with a smile as well!

Door mat from IKEA. 


  1. I would recommend to make a stencil for this kind of work;) but it turned out nice anyway:p

  2. I did use a stencil, but something was wrong with either the stencil or the fabric...

  3. ÅJa! hehe då så. du kunne sikkert har brukt fikseringsspray fyrst på matta, eller festa ein vidvinkel-tut på sprayen.. eg veit ikkje. er ikkje sååå vandt med spray, hehe. men som sagt, det var jo fint då


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