Monday, April 25, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: Easter skirt

Before: a thrifted skirt from the Sunday market at Birkelunden in Oslo

It was a little too long and see-through so I decided to turn this one into a bubble skirt of some sort. I was considering making a tutorial for this, but it never happened (because I failed in taking pictures of the process), but I simply added a piece of fabric to the bottom to the desired (double) length, folded it in half and sewed it in place. The last sewing part was done by hand in the car on our way from Bergen to Sunnmøre. Finally a project I could do wherever! 
An added bonus: the ride seemed to go a lot faster.

After: Bubble skirt

I thought this skirt would be appropriate as an Easter outfit. I never heard of the concept of Easter dresses before I had American friends. In these cold parts we got our spring/summer dresses for 17th of May, our Constitution Day, and even then you could risk snow and icy rain. This year spring has already announced its arrival, with summer temperatures and sunny days - I love it! 

I love Easter as well, and it has been great to celebrate it with different families in Betlehem, Sula Frikirke and tomorrow: Langevåg Bedehus. I have had a busy schedule the past days, to be able to see friends and family, but still it is good to have time to meet together and just focus on Jesus and walk through the story that begins with fellowship, betrayal, suffering, pain and death and ends with life, resurrection, hope and joy! 

This is the day of new life - happy Easter!


  1. It's always too cold for Easter dresses in my part of America but we wear them anyway without stockings. :-)

  2. A girl´s gotta do what a girl´s gotta do, right? But we had an exceptionally warm Easter, so I wasnt exactly suffering :)


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