Sunday, February 12, 2012

What would life be without coffee?

Those who know me know that I love coffee. A lot. 
A friend came by my apartment for the first time the other day, 
and brought this print as a house warming gift - so sweet! 

I posted about a giveaway of this print at the Lidyll blog on facebook, 
and she picked it up and ordered one for me! The artist, Jan Skacelik, has an etsy store where you can do some shopping of your own if you like the style.

PS. I chose this picture intentionally. 
What you see in the bottom left corner is not glare from my camera flash, 
but real sun rays, and I am super-excited to have them in my house again!

PPS. My giveaway is open till Monday, so it is not too late to sign up.

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  1. Yes, we got REAL sun rays in our flat on Sunday as well, and it was wonderful!


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