Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow day

Sneen dalte lett og fin, og strøk blidt mot ruten min
i morgens da jeg drømte på min pute.
Vi tok skjerf og votter på, hastet veldig med å gå,
snart var det tusen barnespor der ute.

(Norwegian winter song)

You never know when you get another snow day around here, so yesterday we put on whatever we could find of hats, mittens, jackets and shoes, and headed out in the snow to play some games. Today its a totally different (wet) story, so we did the right thing. 

Six feet, three hands

Three feet, four hands

Anyone better?

What I wore:
Hat, Noa Noa
Jacket, Vivikes
Mittens, from my mom
Ski pants, vintage (from a closet)
Snow boots, a store in Skien

PS. The striped jacket is from Azerbaijan, in case you wanted to get one too... 

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