Sunday, September 11, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: 1-2-3 Table Cloth

Before: Here is a picture of the curtains we hung last weekend. Since I only have one big window, I had an extra pair of curtains leftover. This is not the actual before picture, but this is what they used to look like. My flea market dining table is not a very pretty sight, and I try to cover it with prettier tablecloths at all times. The problem is my very limited collection of large tablecloths combined with my great ability to spill food and drinks... This was one of the easiest restyles I have ever done. All that was needed was a pair of scissors and about 2 minutes.

After: In 1-2-3 I had not only 1, but 2 tablecloths! 
I see now that I didnt think about getting out the iron for this one... 

Oh, and I managed to spill coffee on this one approximately 5 minutes after putting it on.

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