Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I saw and read on the road

Vacation on the West Coast, part II. Today: The Road.

What is it about these windy and narrow roads that appeal to me so much? 
I dont know...

Despite being called the worst road in Norway.

Perhaps this explains it better? 
One thing is certain: the German and Dutch tourists 
with their big caravans are very careful drivers in this area.

With living and moving obstacles, this isnt your usual highway.
(We also encountered sheep and goats this day, though I have no picture to prove it. )

But the scenery!

Not even rain and fog and dreary weather can quench 
my enthusiasm for the beauty I see while driving through this landscape. 

Maybe I love it so much because of it makes me wonder and think of this planet we live on, of how small we are and how great God is. And perhaps there is some truth in Steinbecks thoughts about humans, as he writes in The Log from the Sea of Cortez

"Why do we so dread to think of our species as a species? Can it be that we are afraid of what we may find? That human self-love would suffer too much and that the image of God might prove to be a mask? This could be only partly true, for if we could cease to wear the image of a kindly, bearded, interstellar dictator, we might find ourselves true images of His kingdom, our eyes the nebulae, the universes in our cells." 

John Steinbeck

" virkelig bilde på Hans kongerike, med stjernetåker i våre øyne og universer i våre celler."

*The Norwegian translation of the last sentence.

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