Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventures on the coast

Summer is here, and as usual, it involves books, friends, family and a good mix of sun and rain on the west coast of Norway. The past weekend my family has been in Innvik, a very small town in a landscape with fjords, mountains and glaciers. We were so lucky we got to borrow a cute little summer house with a one of a kind key and a book shelf that included John Steinbeck. Ive only read him once earlier: Travels with Charley, and when I found this one about a biology excursion to the Gulf of California it seemed like a good summer read. 

After a very active weekend we headed north to Langevåg today, and I decided to bring the book and try to finish it before we again pass Innvik on our way south later this week. Pictures of stunning landscapes and family fun will come soon, but for now, I am glad to be in a familiar house in a familiar town.

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