Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dzien dobry!

I am well into my first business trip abroad: a concept that is quite exciting to me... The leaders of YWAM Norway have decided to go to Poland for a few days to learn, pray, discuss, plan and be visionary. One of my favorite things about these leadership gatherings is how my perspective and vision for YWAM Norway, our base and my ministry is challenged, sharpened and set back on track (or on a new track all-together).

So far we have met YWAMers who work here in Krakow, we have visited Auschwitz, walked the streets and talked to people - and it all stirs our heart for this nation and the whole region of Central Europe. We want to see the Kingdom of God influence this area and the people who live here!

When God is speaking to us we have to act on it, and I wonder what that will look like. At least I am pretty sure this is not my last time to go to Poland!

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  1. That is cool to hear!
    Hey, give me a call (skype) when you are back, I want to hear more about that trip!


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