Sunday, March 27, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: Zipper skirt

I got this skirt at the second hand store, and loved the color, the zipper and the pockets, but not the length. Perhaps it would work if your legs are supermodel long, but I have more of an average height, and this was not an option. 

I cut it in half and hemmed it, and now it is a skirt I can dig, haha. 

I liked it so much I had to wear it at once!

And here is an attempt of an outfit photo. 
I think I need a tripod... or an assistant.

What I wore:

Skirt, thrifted and restyled
Belt, thrifted
Shirt, H&M
Polkadot cardigan, American Eagle
Shoes, Primark
Flower earrings, Gina Tricot

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  1. aw this is really cute! i love it so much more shorter!


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