Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A weekend in the city

One of the many cups of coffee I enjoyed

A garage jammed packed with lots of old stuff!

Raiding my sisters closet

Many overpriced vintage shops with pretty things

Typewriters. Sigh.

Three sisters and a pretty lamp

Also included was a great concert, theater, coffee dates with wonderful girls, a lot of food, a vintage market, Mary & Max and soaking in impressions from the streets of lovely Oslo.

What we wore:

Coat, thrifted
Scarf, vintage (from our mom)
Gold belt, thrifted (mine)

Hat, DIY
Shoes, Converse

Shoes, i dont know (Mari)
Socks, a hand me down...
Tights, H&M
Skirt, thrifted and hemmed
Coat, H&M (Mari)
Scarf, thrifted (Mari)
Leather gloves
Hat, Forever 21

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