Saturday, January 8, 2011

An anniversary

January 8th, 2006 I started my Discipleship Training School at YWAM LA.

Winter DTS LA, 2006. Picture by Rolf Velema
Me and Ivan at the Oasis, LA 2006
Pass Christian, Mississippi, 2006

After 6 months of traveling, journaling, teaching, Friday night youth clubs in Hollywood, road trips, hurricane relief, clown skits and weeding gardens in South Africa I came back to Norway.

I came to YWAM Skien a few weeks later. There I was a part of the DTS staff for two years, and got to see and follow young people find their identity in God and go out in missions.

Renovating the base, 2007

In 2008 I moved on to administration and office work, planning events and outreaches and assisting anyone with printer trouble... 

Me and the printer. We´re close. 2009

YWAM has taken me to USA, Mexico, South-Africa, Poland, England, Ethiopia, Turkey, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, India, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and all over Norway.

African skies, South Africa, 2006

Primary school in Koffale, Ethiopia, 2007

Slum in Hyderabad, India, 2008

Bremen, Germany, 2010

I have laughed and cried, prayed and waited, preached, translated, organized, booked tickets, read books and written articles, listened, made numerous excel spreadsheets, loved, given, but received more in return, tore down and built up (literally), baked, sailed, camped and hiked, studied the Bible, heard teaching, done dishes, danced and walked and so much more!

Today marks my 5 year anniversary in YWAM, and I am SO thankful for the past five years: For all I have experienced, the lessons I have learned, the people I´ve met and the places I´ve visited. Thankful most of all to God for His faithfulness, patience and love, but also thankful for all of you who have been a part of the adventure this far! 

PS. I would love it if you shared a memory from the last years!


  1. Eg trur d besta minne eg komme på må ver fra turen opp t SanFran (sjøl om d teknisk sett va YWAM, men d hadde jo aldri sjedd viss ikkje) å din reaksjon når disse guttane sko stoppa me di landbruksmaskinane! Fantastisk :)

    Eg kose meg i SA, og blir utfordra av Guds ord. Håpe du har d veldig bra å at me snart treffes igjen!

  2. Ragnhild! I was so blessed that I got be a part of your two of five years at YWAM Skien. I am just honored to have lived with you, loved with you and been loved by you. Thank you for making my time at YWAM Skien so memorable. I love you very much and I think that the Lord put you there to make my 4 years 50% better! You are amazing! I love going to Asia Mat with you and then riding bikes home!

  3. Åh, gratulerer med jubileumet:) Du gjer ein utrolig god jobb!

  4. Thank you girls, I am so blessed to have shared time, fellowship, home, meals, and travels with you all!


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