Sunday, October 3, 2010

The perfect cookie?

It is raining cats and dogs outside and I have been battling a cold all weekend and hardly left the couch, but I hope Im better tomorrow. We had a small pot lock party last night. The invitation said tapas, but the results read Thai curry and various creative food combinations, so we had an interesting meal! I opted for making the dessert and tried a new cookie recipe, apparently the best ever soft chocolate chip (and almond) cookies.

Best ever? The name really set my expectations high, and then it is easy to be disappointed. The cookies taste a little too much like the ones my mom makes for Christmas, and for this girl, it is way too early to start that holiday season. I also cut the sugar, used normal almonds instead of chocolate covered ones, and failed to refrigerate the dough overnight, so they might not be entirely like they were supposed to.

They werent bad at all, but my search for the perfect cookie recipe continues. 

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