Monday, January 11, 2016

January Cure #7 10-minute time-out

Today's 10 minute assignment was to observe a spot in your home you feel to be problematic. Finding a new angle, for example by sitting on the floor can give a different perspective. Imagine this area to be completely empty, like it was when you moved in, and think of how you would put things back to make it function better. Figure out what can be done and write it down. Also, pick one project to definitely finish this month.

So I stared into our messy hallway closet for way longer than 10 minutes. Let me tell you, it was not the best sight to behold.... I had already decided that this is our main project. It was good to have some time to think about how to organize it better, and this days task was perfect for it. I think I have some ideas, but they need to be tested, so I look forward to getting started.

While talking on the phone with a friend I also started cleaning my sock drawer, and thus finished with task #5. There were a few low and tired moments last week so I am glad to be back on track with more motivation.

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