Sunday, January 10, 2016

January Cure #6 A realistic kitchen refresh

I like this years approach to the Cure, as it seems more managable than the previous years. Even in our small home, the kitchen takes me a full day to deep clean! This time around, we are encouraged to choose either an inside or an outside track, and save the other part for later.

I picked the outside track, mixed with a little bit of the inside:
- Cleaning the outside and top of the cabinets
- Clean the counters and sink
- Clean all appliances and everything else on the counters
- Clean the ceiling fan above the dining table

My husband's job:
- Clean the inside of the fridge/ffreezer
- Clean the microwave
- Clean the inside of the stove
His tasks are definitely needed, and I am glad we can share this job!

Since I did the pantry earlier this week, a few of my cabinets have been cleaned inside as well. The only thing left on my kitchen to-do list is the dreaded Tupperware chaos cabinet... I did not got flowers this weekend, the tulips are good for a few more days. I also managed to remove some things from the cabinets that can either be donated (going in the outbox), or stored.

A not so realistic kitchen refresh involves a new backsplash, new cabinets and new appliances. Basically a new kitchen. I like the floor, but the rest of it could have been used in a better way. Not to complain, we do make it work, but I look forward to one day having a larger kitchen.

Kitchen design by interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto‘s for classic Finnish furniture company Lundia. 

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