Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Cure #18 Landing strip

Apartment Therapy believes very strongly in a "landing strip" for the home. This expression refers to a system of organizing your entrance and dealing with everyting you bring through the front door. Spesifically, a place for shoes, coats, keys, bags, mail and whatever else might clutter up your hallway.

We rearranged our entrance a couple of weeks ago, and it actually messed up my system a little. There are hooks for coats (and hangers in the closet for more), a space for shoes, hats and scarves go in the closet, keys in a bowl, so all that's good. A new problem is: where to place things that are on their way out the door? For me that means books going back to the library, mail that needs to be sent, things to return and more. I just don't know what to do! Maybe I can make room on the shoe rack somehow?

Another issue is incoming mail. I tend to let bills, receipts and letters pile up, together with random pieces of paper, and there is no good system. In my mind I have a picture of a tray that could hold all these things, but I dont't have a tray like that. Etsy does though!

PS. The weather strips we installed are amazing!

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