Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Cure #16 Bathroom

The Cure is coming to an end soon, and I think that's good. I feel like all I do is clean.... In other words, my motivation isn't on top. This weekend was dedicated to the bathroom. A good deep-clean of this room happens only when the Cure tells me to, so it was definitely due. My husband usually cleans the bathroom, so he did parts of it. My job was to get at all those areas that are neglected the rest of the year: dusting shelves, cleaning the walls and the washer. I skipped the ceiling this year, to not overwhelm myself.

Again, a few things got added to the outbox, or thrown away, and the room feels a lot lighter. I hung a few pictures as well. The photograph above is new, taken by Michaela Potterbaum, who also shot our wedding. Isn't it pretty? In a room without a window, this view feels like such a breath of fresh air!

I had also planned to spend some time on the loft room, but never got around to it. Except I managed to give away a mattress that has been taking up too much space. It will help a lot with improving the space when we get it out of the house.

A different project that should make a much bigger impact in our daily life is changing the weatherstrips around the windows and front door. It's been really cold here lately. With temperatures down to -18C, our old apartment is hard to heat up properly. Hopefully this will be a real home improvement and energy saver for us.

Just a few more days with the Cure! I am pretty pleased with the results, though we do have a few more things left to do, but they are all pretty small. I just hope I manage to get them done, and not postpone it till January rolls around again...

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