Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Cure #10 Get your get-together together

A simple 10-minute task for today: invite people over for a get-together at the end of the Cure. This way, you have some extra motivation to finish things, as well as a way to celebrate all the hard work. It is pretty sweet to have these breathers in the Cure as well, so not every single day is filled with dusting and scrubbing.

For this task I cheated a little bit and finished on Tuesday. I am in a Bible study group that meet every other week, and I volunteered to host the next one. It will be a few days before the Cure is officially over, but thats alright. The main projects should be done by then, and maybe we can even finish everyting a little early. Is that too optimistic? Anyways, here are some bright weekend flowers for you.

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