Monday, February 16, 2015

52 Postcards for 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to send a letter or postcard every week. Last year I sent lots of mail, most of it wedding related, and I miss putting stamps on envelopes and writing to my friends and family, so this little project will make sure I get it done. 

So far I have sent a few birthday cards, but there doesnt really have to be an occasion to send mail, right? I also hope to practice writing some actual letters. And now that I know how to make an envelope liner, I should do that more often as well. 

Would you like to receive mail from me? Just comment on this post with your address (unless you know I already have it) and you will get something pretty in your mailbox some time this year! Writing back is no requirement, but it would make me happy.

PS. If you prefer vintage letters (in Spanish) you can get yours from Etsy seller Blue Grizzle Paper.


  1. Oscars gate 9, 0352 Oslo.
    Planen er å skrive tilbake, så klart!
    Jeg har tenkt på deg i det siste :)

  2. Inspirerende tiltak Ragnhild. Jeg liker å lese bloggen din - du har mye bra å komme med :-)
    Jeg er litt "UFB" i tiden framover, men ihvertfall etter 1.mai er postadressa mi: Sølvskuttveien 342, 1892 Degernes. Dit er du forøvrig også velkommen på besøk - hvis du skulle forville deg til Østfold en tur. üsmg

    1. Takk skal du ha Sidsel Marie! Ej e veldig spent på å høre ka som skjer med dej om dagen, så ej får vel ta pennen fatt snart! UFB?

  3. Replies
    1. of course Lyndee! So excited to have you here sooon!


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