Monday, August 4, 2014

Wedding Emergency Kit

Any self-respecting wedding blog will tell you about the emergencies that may arise on your wedding day, and what you can do to prevent it. To feel safe, I packed a kit that would be able to save the day from at least a couple of potential scenarios. Luckily, no emergencies arose (that I know of), and I only used some of the makeup.

After talking to a few friends that are already married, I decided against a purse of my own (but not before I spent hours on Etsy looking at vintage white beaded clutches...) I figured I wanted to reserve one hand for a big bouquet of flowers and the other one for my husbands hand, and that ended up being enough to keep track of. My maid of honor had my lipstick in her clutch, and when we arrived at the venue, the rest of the emergency kit was kept close by a bathroom, and no one had to keep track of it. If you are planning a wedding of your own, here is what I packed, and what I actually used:

Emergency kit

- Sewing kit  with needles, thread, scissors, seam ripper and safety pins (I used this the night before the wedding to sew the comb on the veil. Nothing like procrastination...)
- Stain remover/Tide pen
- Nail file
- Clear nail polish (not sure why I packed this, since I didn't wear tights, but it could stop tearing if you do)
- Nail polish remover

- Cotton swabs and pads
- Pain killers
- Band aids
- Bobby pins
- Tampons
- Spare eye contacts
- Breath mints
- Tissues (There were definitely a lot of happy tears!) 
- Make up remover and wet wipes

- Face powder (I am not sure I used it. I only freshened up once, after the ceremony/before dinner)
- Lipstick
- Concealer (Other makeup was available close by, but not part of the emergency kit)
- Blotting paper 
- Perfume

My maid of honor had hair spray in her bag, so that was available as well.

It looks like a long list, but all of it fit in a medium size toiletry bag, so it didn´t feel like too much to bring along. This kit consists of things you probably already own, it can be made weeks or even months in advance, and even if you don´t end up using most of it, it is nice to know you are covered in case something happens.

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